A special thank you to the speakers who so eloquently addressed our Alumni.  Linda Tropin Hurbis-Class of 1978-celebrating 25 years, Margaret Block-Class of 1953-celebrating 50 years,  Donna Lathrop-Class of 1950, Carrie Sullivan-instructor, and Janet Behrens-Class of 1974.

Thanks, also, go to All Saints Printing Services for the printing of the program and Alumni List. 

To the 2000 reunion committee of Kathy Aiello, Sue Mills, Barb Elmer, Diana Lamberton, Joyce Levandowski, Marion Beyer, and Mary Ann Lorence.

To Kate Proctor for data entry.

 To Sharon Crowson for technical help with the reunion website. 

We are grateful for the extensive work compiling and rehabilitating the memorabilia, which was accomplished by Kay Pearson, Barb Elmer, Sue Taylor, and Joyce Levandowski. 

2003 Reunion Committee:  Kris Fredrickson Wineland, Priscilla (Perk) Ferguson, Lorraine Norem, Elaine Dyer, Wendy Olocki Proctor.


Reunion Pictures: Reunion pix, More reunion pix, Class of 1971, Class of 1978 & 1973Julia Poulson Durand and Edith Sukus, Setting up the memorabilia

 If you have other reunion pictures please send them to me to include.


"Then and Now"

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