In Memoriam


Sarah Brown Hall (died 2/3/02 was our oldest living grad) Class of 1928
Alice Fregien Schlenensky Class of 1933
Marie Kortum Herbst Class of 1936
Gladys Jorgenson Nelson Class of 1937
Adeline Larrabee Kinder Class of 1941
Harriet Hansen Wells Class of 1942B
Winifred Baker Lucas Class of 1943
Carolyn Mickelson Beck Class of 1944
Beatrice Fedders Andersen Class of 1945
Velva Giardina Carlson Class of 1945
Florence Poulson Warner Class of 1945
Lois Lettsome Eck Class of 1946B
Marion Gellert Kiefegaard Class of 1949
Barbara Jerstad Fornary Class of 1950
Ruth Mittman Pluhar Class of 1950
Rose Griffith Bender Class of 1951
Phyllis Mikulesky Scheiss Class of 1951
Sylvia Wall Koivisto Class of 1952
Janet Kumple VanBerg Class of 1953
Diane Christensen Dewane Class of 1954
Carolyn Lockhart Kaye Class of 1957
Johanna Pecha Porto Class of 1957
Edward Bartz Class of 1957
Barbara Crouch Sanchez Class of 1958
Sharon Johnson Hansen Class of 1964
Grace Jorgenson Rose Instructor/Class of 1941
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